Why Socks Can Cause Extra Stress!

As I bolted out the door this morning I did not wear socks with my shoes. I haven’t been a fan of socks for ages just because my feet would always get overheated! After today I realized why I get hot in socks!

As I arrived at work I noticed something completely different, I wasn’t stressed out as usual. I know this for a fact because I felt connected with the earth. I could feel the energy between my feet and ground, which was amazing. As I stood up at my customer service area there was a thick heavy mat under my feet. I tested myself on and off the mat feeling where my energy was in my body. Instantly getting on the mat changed my breathing and caused buzzing energy. My buzzing energy was caused by not being able to release the energy from not being grounded with the earth.

Last night as I watched Surviving in a Modern World: part 4 by Paul Chek. This video explained why shoes act as a block to the ground. It stated that as humans we are made to walk barefoot. This barefoot was used in hunting, gathering, working, etc. In my case the mat and socks prevent energy flow into my feet!

My hot feet are caused by this energy trapped in my socks. In order to release this energy I need to take off my socks. The effects of this will cause me to be in my head and overthink everything! Through Mind-Body Awareness I was able to perform these studies!

Grounding Tips:

  • Walking barefoot on hard wood floors.
  • Keep a bend in the knees!
  • Laying on cold surfaces.
  • Taking cold showers.
  • Stretching to help connect feet.
  • Removing socks at all TIMES!