What’s Good About a Gallon of Water Daily?

Water is the most important thing for a healthy mind and body. It acts as a detox for the whole system but also flushes many toxics out. I’m never had a problem drinking water because I know it is so important. I want to share my why I carry this gallon wherever I go.

In Paul Chek’s book “How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy” he states that tap water has many chemicals in them. There are over 2,100 organic and inorganic drinking water contaminants that have been identified in the US drinking water since 1974. Only 2.5% of water in the world is fresh. This fresh water is decreasing every year just because of the pollution/chemicals we are creating for Mother Nature. With tap water being contained I carry this gallon to drink filtered water from fountains.

Here are some of my other reasons:

  1. Filtered water may not be the best source but it’s totally better than tap water.
  2. It helps me drink more water throughout the day because I can physically see the jug.
  3.  Sets an impact for others to drink more water.
  4. Keeps my body energized for a healthy holistic life!

Reminding yourself to drink a two cups of water in the morning will help start off your day with this gallon water challenge!