A Job is Building Your Character!

Do you remember the excitement of your first job? As an adult of age 21 I don’t mind working. Through my first year of college I worked as a part time package handler.  Working didn’t become an issue until 1 year ago where I started to work less.

The job of a package handler consisted of stacking boxes in trailers, scanning and many primal movement patterns. These primal patterns movements were very repetitive which didn’t come to attention until pain settled. As the pain teacher arrived I had to ask myself what was wrong? The burden to stack packages was painful and stairs caused excruciating pain in my knees. My energy was depleted, depressed and thoughts were racing. I felt like death and experienced an all time low.

I can relate this the hardest day of my life which rock bottom was present. Life was yelling at me to give up! Specifically I remember the night and prayed to not have one the next day. Leaving work that night,depressed, head down and straight to bed.

I woke, ALIVE!!! Forced to change because I was at the bottom of the slope and up was the only climb. This marks the reprogramming of my mind. My growth in character is substantial in this experience. I know for a fact I am who I am from this experience. You can think of it as a kid evolving into a teenager. Through this pain and suffering I was able to find a new approach to the problem. I worked  myself back from falling and strengthened personal integrity from experience.

If I could teleport to the past this is what I recommend: 

1.) Talk to to others about hard days because this is important for emotional health.

2.) Give yourself  extra time to decompress to prevent burnout.

3.) Develop a positive thinking habit on life and your thoughts!

4.) Pain can be bad but honestly its where the most growth is!