Walking Will Help Mental & Emotional Health…

Do you believe that walking has great benefits? If you’re new to fitness or just want to shape up your health this is a great starter. Today are times where walking is not used enough. With technology of the automobile we lack this epidemic of staying in shape naturally. Walking can keep us in shape naturally, but driving is  stressful on the Sympathetic Nervous System. This system triggers our Fight or Flight reactions. As we drive constantly we loose the gait of our natural primal pattern movement. There are seven primal pattern movements.These 7  patterns are: Gait(walking, running) , Twist, Pull, Push, Bend, Lunge and Squat.  These require the functionality for great health. 

Getting our of the car will pinpoint all these movements and believe it or not this doesn’t count as a workout. These car patterns are destroying our health. Let’s be honest as an adult of 21 years of age I have pain numerous times from these repetitive movements. The car is not meant for good, think about the many repetitions we perform on the right side than left. 

As I come back to the point “Why Walking can Help Mental & Emotional Health?”

Emotional Health includes our thoughts, feelings, and behavior internally and externally. 

Mental Health is a person’s condition with regard to psychological and emotional well-being.

Any exercising is the most effective way to improve mental and emotional health. There are numerous studies proven with this fact.  Walking keeps our body and mind healthy because it naturally keeps the energy flowing in our bodies. What if I’m stubborn? Put this in perspective. Look at about our body as HIGH VOLTAGE transformer.

Through the day we develop energy from food and the sun. Through exercise we are able to discharge this HIGH VOLTAGE energy into the ground. When exercise is lacked, HIGH VOLTAGE energy is stored inside the body with no where to escape. This stored energy will cause very many health problems which will need to be discharged in order to feel better!