A Job is Building Your Character!

Do you remember the excitement of your first job? As an adult of age 21 I don’t mind working. Through my first year of college I worked as a part time package handler.  Working didn’t become an issue until 1 year ago where I started to work less.

The job of a package handler consisted of stacking boxes in trailers, scanning and many primal movement patterns. These primal patterns movements were very repetitive which didn’t come to attention until pain settled. As the pain teacher arrived I had to ask myself what was wrong? The burden to stack packages was painful and stairs caused excruciating pain in my knees. My energy was depleted, depressed and thoughts were racing. I felt like death and experienced an all time low.

I can relate this the hardest day of my life which rock bottom was present. Life was yelling at me to give up! Specifically I remember the night and prayed to not have one the next day. Leaving work that night,depressed, head down and straight to bed.

I woke, ALIVE!!! Forced to change because I was at the bottom of the slope and up was the only climb. This marks the reprogramming of my mind. My growth in character is substantial in this experience. I know for a fact I am who I am from this experience. You can think of it as a kid evolving into a teenager. Through this pain and suffering I was able to find a new approach to the problem. I worked  myself back from falling and strengthened personal integrity from experience.

If I could teleport to the past this is what I recommend: 

1.) Talk to to others about hard days because this is important for emotional health.

2.) Give yourself  extra time to decompress to prevent burnout.

3.) Develop a positive thinking habit on life and your thoughts!

4.) Pain can be bad but honestly its where the most growth is!

Walking Will Help Mental & Emotional Health…

Do you believe that walking has great benefits? If you’re new to fitness or just want to shape up your health this is a great starter. Today are times where walking is not used enough. With technology of the automobile we lack this epidemic of staying in shape naturally. Walking can keep us in shape naturally, but driving is  stressful on the Sympathetic Nervous System. This system triggers our Fight or Flight reactions. As we drive constantly we loose the gait of our natural primal pattern movement. There are seven primal pattern movements.These 7  patterns are: Gait(walking, running) , Twist, Pull, Push, Bend, Lunge and Squat.  These require the functionality for great health. 

Getting our of the car will pinpoint all these movements and believe it or not this doesn’t count as a workout. These car patterns are destroying our health. Let’s be honest as an adult of 21 years of age I have pain numerous times from these repetitive movements. The car is not meant for good, think about the many repetitions we perform on the right side than left. 

As I come back to the point “Why Walking can Help Mental & Emotional Health?”

Emotional Health includes our thoughts, feelings, and behavior internally and externally. 

Mental Health is a person’s condition with regard to psychological and emotional well-being.

Any exercising is the most effective way to improve mental and emotional health. There are numerous studies proven with this fact.  Walking keeps our body and mind healthy because it naturally keeps the energy flowing in our bodies. What if I’m stubborn? Put this in perspective. Look at about our body as HIGH VOLTAGE transformer.

Through the day we develop energy from food and the sun. Through exercise we are able to discharge this HIGH VOLTAGE energy into the ground. When exercise is lacked, HIGH VOLTAGE energy is stored inside the body with no where to escape. This stored energy will cause very many health problems which will need to be discharged in order to feel better!

Why Socks Can Cause Extra Stress!

As I bolted out the door this morning I did not wear socks with my shoes. I haven’t been a fan of socks for ages just because my feet would always get overheated! After today I realized why I get hot in socks!

As I arrived at work I noticed something completely different, I wasn’t stressed out as usual. I know this for a fact because I felt connected with the earth. I could feel the energy between my feet and ground, which was amazing. As I stood up at my customer service area there was a thick heavy mat under my feet. I tested myself on and off the mat feeling where my energy was in my body. Instantly getting on the mat changed my breathing and caused buzzing energy. My buzzing energy was caused by not being able to release the energy from not being grounded with the earth.

Last night as I watched Surviving in a Modern World: part 4 by Paul Chek. This video explained why shoes act as a block to the ground. It stated that as humans we are made to walk barefoot. This barefoot was used in hunting, gathering, working, etc. In my case the mat and socks prevent energy flow into my feet!

My hot feet are caused by this energy trapped in my socks. In order to release this energy I need to take off my socks. The effects of this will cause me to be in my head and overthink everything! Through Mind-Body Awareness I was able to perform these studies!

Grounding Tips:

  • Walking barefoot on hard wood floors.
  • Keep a bend in the knees!
  • Laying on cold surfaces.
  • Taking cold showers.
  • Stretching to help connect feet.
  • Removing socks at all TIMES!

What’s Good About a Gallon of Water Daily?

Water is the most important thing for a healthy mind and body. It acts as a detox for the whole system but also flushes many toxics out. I’m never had a problem drinking water because I know it is so important. I want to share my why I carry this gallon wherever I go.

In Paul Chek’s book “How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy” he states that tap water has many chemicals in them. There are over 2,100 organic and inorganic drinking water contaminants that have been identified in the US drinking water since 1974. Only 2.5% of water in the world is fresh. This fresh water is decreasing every year just because of the pollution/chemicals we are creating for Mother Nature. With tap water being contained I carry this gallon to drink filtered water from fountains.

Here are some of my other reasons:

  1. Filtered water may not be the best source but it’s totally better than tap water.
  2. It helps me drink more water throughout the day because I can physically see the jug.
  3.  Sets an impact for others to drink more water.
  4. Keeps my body energized for a healthy holistic life!

Reminding yourself to drink a two cups of water in the morning will help start off your day with this gallon water challenge!

Juicing: Are you Having Digestive Problems?

For the last three days I have been drinking one cup of carrot juice every morning. Some may wonder, “Why are you juicing in the first place.”

Carrot Juicer

As I follow information from Paul Chek’s book on “How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!” Paul states that drinking a cup of carrot juice with raw garlic, ginger and apple cider vinegar are strongly anti-fungal for the digestive system. Juicing helps my digestive system by putting the food in liquid form which doesn’t take much energy to digest.

Stress = burping, farting, feeling crappy. That’s my main problem!